reliable – flexible – innovative – modern


Adhering to deadlines, costs and technical agreements are our highest priorities when completing a project. Good client relationships are based on reciprocal trust and the certainty that services are rendered as reliably as promised.


Changes and corrections are often unavoidable in design engineering and we are all consistently challenged to adapt our work to new situations.

Thanks to a dynamic team and our short decision making processes, GMS Technik is able to grasp changed situations easily and without delay, offering our clients the best support during hectic project phases.


Our aim is to find the best solution for client requirements by remaining in close contact with our clients and partners. During the project analysis phase, we obtain a comprehensive overview and are also open to unconventional solutions during the evaluation or selection of solutions.


Our work is completed using the latest software and the best trained employees. Modern and well thought out solutions and products are developed using state-of-the-art production and assembly techniques – as early as during the planning phase.

Thanks to our generous and modern offices, our employees feel comfortable. Our clients enjoy visiting our premises and value the pleasant atmosphere.