Unterhalt Fertigung/Montage Auslegung/Konstruktion Akquisition/Angebot Konzept/Analyse


Concept and feasibility studies, functionality and value of benefit analyses, visualization of prototypes using 3D CAD


Assistance with client presentations, drafting proposals, request for quotation documents, technical meetings with suppliers or manufacturers, technical evaluation of proposals, technical documentation for proposals aimed at end clients


Mechanical design according to required codes & standards, specific recalculation using FEA including CFD simulation, flexibility calculations of piping arrangements

Data recording (e.g. surveying) in plants, for example for repair, renovation and replacement projects

Creating 3D models, framework constructions structures

Drafting manufacturing and assembly drawings, material lists, inspection- and test plans and erection descriptions

Construction of specific manufacturing and assembly tools, crane and lifting equipment, special transportation devices, operating equipment Kinematic studies, visualization of erection procedures (images, video clips)


Project management and procurement of materials and manufacturing

Technical support during manufacturing and erection, as well as in case of deviation and for corrective actions, handling "as-built" execution including documentation

Quality control during manufacturing and erection for execution in accordance with drawings


Drafting operation manuals, maintenance manuals, inspection programs, spare parts lists

Technical support during periodical inspections, determining defects, analyzing damage and developing repair measures